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Touch screen For Flight Similator

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1Touch screen For Flight Similator Empty Touch screen For Flight Similator on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:51 am


SimTouch 5.0 inch Cockpit Control Touch Screen
SimTouch has over 100 functions for all aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Designed on win CE 5.0 you now have full control of your aircraft in a 5.0 inch screen, buttons work and feel like real buttons. Completely synchronised both ways meaning if you start a flight in mid air at night all switches radio frequencies controls etc will be synchronised, this is also the case if you start a mission. There is no need to adjust all your controls to match the flight. No big boxes , no major usb ports required, no extra equipment to buy just plug in to one usb port and you are up and running.

Built-in speaker and headphone jack ! SimTouch has Minimums call-outs from the speaker in the device, you will feel like you are in a real cockpit. Full call-outs 2500 1000 500 approaching minimums 400 300 200 etc. No need for special airplane or a specific mission for call-outs , just simply set ILS frequency and on approach call-outs will start. Other sounds built-in Altitude alert, stall, overspeed, Autopilot Disconnect.

When you are on the Ground SimTouch is a real GPS Satellite Navigation system which will work with various mapping softwares like iGo8 Route 66 etc.

Full control with your fingers just like changing real switches and controls. So you get GPS Satellite Navigation system , SimTouch , Photo Frame. Comes with Stand holder, charger (for satnav) car charger & USB lead..

In each section of SimTouch you will see aircraft Speed / Altitude & Heading in realtime

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