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Virtual Oshkosh Air Show.............only if we still have a team.

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The FSX Blue Eagles and FSX Thunderbirds are happy to announce IFlyOnline is hosting their annual Virtual Oshkosh, and its right around the corner!

For those of you just interested in flying in, all you have to do is read the following information, and/or go to http://www.iflyonline.com/index.php?opt ... Itemid=243

For those of you interested in watching or flying in the Oshkosh airshow you can see the schedule at, http://www.iflyonline.com/index.php?opt ... Itemid=251

Those interested in flying in the Oshkosh airshow, you can do one of three things

1. reply to this thread with your teams contact information/website (if applicable)
2. PM me on these forums
3. add me on skype and we can talk about it, FSXBE#1_Leland

Ladies, Gentlemen, Controllers & Pilots

The Oshkosh Team is proud to present to you, Virtual Oshkosh 2009 (Friday July 24 to Monday August 3, 2009). If you attended Virtual Oshkosh 2008 you would have received a taste of what it's like to experience the Oshkosh Fly-in and Show, one of the Greatest Events in North America and perhaps the world. Virtual Oshkosh 2008 was GREAT, but this year, get ready for the BEST Virtual Oshkosh yet as we count down the days to Virtual Oshkosh 2009, you will want to circle your calender, take some needed holidays and experience the virtual journey to Oshkosh at iFLyOnline.com

The Oshkosh Team is busy working on all aspects of this iFlyOnline Annual Premiere Event with many pilots and controllers already preparing for this Grand Event, the countdown begins and the excitement builds. For those who are participating, or wish to participate in a special demonstration, please contact (PM) avtech- Chris, as space is limited.

For the seasoned pilot, you will have no difficultly making your way into Oshkosh, be sure to read the Virtual Oshkosh Notams 2009 Pilot's Briefing (NOW released). If you are a beginner, or just starting to experience virtual flight, you may find your journey to Oshkosh, with iFlyOnline, one of the most rewarding experiences in the virtual world of aviation. In addition to the Virtual Oshkosh Notams 2009, we will have a very brief and easy to read pilots briefing that will get into Oshkosh with simplicity.

If your are that skilled Air Traffic controller (ATC) or just learning the ropes of being an ATC, join in on the fun, excitement and experience what it's like to provide iFlyOnline's professional level of service to pilots as they journey and find themselves safely back home, or in this case to Oshkosh. To learm more about being an ATC go to iFlyOnline ATC Academy.Combo

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found out about it on fsxblueangels.com

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