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Fsx installation problem

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1Fsx installation problem Empty Fsx installation problem on Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:21 pm

robert w

Well I have been playing flight sims since the age of 3 with FS98, and have had everyone after that, I purchase Fsx in September of last year running Fsx on a Intel dual core 2.1GHZ,2GB DDR2 (800MHZ) SDRAM and a nvidia 8400GS when I decided to purchase a new computer. What I got was huge savings on a great computer (Intel Dual core 2.5GHZ,ATI Radeon HD 4350,5GB DDR2 SDRAM(800MHZ) 22" Dell monitor and a 640GB (7200RPM)SATA hard drive) Everything went great with it arrived within 7 days and First thing I went to do was to install FSX.
The installation seemed to be going good until the last stage, at the very end I get the message "A program has caused this program to stop responding, windows will check for a soloution" And it closes down. First time that happened I thought It will just be a problem, It won't happen again, This did in fact happen another 7 or 8 times after repairing files, unistalling everything, even cleaned the disks twice! I have istalled all windows updates including SP2 for vista, still no luck and I was wondering if anyone here has ever had this problem or any suggestions for fixing it,


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